Tuesday, November 26, 2013

About Today: The Two-Day Panic 'til Thanksgiving Begins... Now!

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My friend Emily started polishing her silver two weeks ago in preparation for two dozen people (not including herself) that she's feeding. Meanwhile, I just finished eating the pie I'm bringing. Er, was supposed to bring.

Thanksgiving for Dummies
Let me say straight away that you aren't a dummy about Thanksgiving. Unless you are depending on me for solid advice. I mean, I'm still learning what a turkey eats for a Thanksgiving supper.

Show Off Your Unusual Sides
Who says you have to make stuffing and potatoes (other than me)? Look, just because I make a sandwich of stuffing and mashed potatoes (it's called a cloud sandwich), doesn't mean you can't be more creative.
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The After Meal Meal
Last time we all got together at Emily's, there were -I'm not making this up- 700,000 pies. I mean calories inside the pies. I had to walk on a treadmill until Christmas morning to work it all off. Which pies are you making?

If All Else Fails: Drink It Down
If it turns out you can't get it together, do like my aunt used to do. Mix up three of these and tell people they can make their own @#%$ turkey and that they already know where they can put the stuffing.
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