Friday, November 22, 2013

About Today: Where Were You When President Kennedy Was Killed?

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There are a few moments in time that stand out for people: their wedding, birth of a child or, often, a traumatic event. Lots of folks know where they were on 9/11 (I was on a train in Brooklyn and saw the towers burning). But, for a lot of people, the assassination of President Kennedy still triggers the strongest memory.

President Kennedy Assassinated on November 22, 1963
Fifty years seems like a lifetime, but many people remember it quite vividly. Where were you when President Kennedy was killed?
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How the World Found Out
In an age that predated the internet by decades, news moved slowly. So while some knew President Kennedy had been killed, much of America found out from one man.

The Kennedy Agenda
President Kennedy's foreign policy often overshadowed his domestic policy, but it's worth remembering what he was trying to do.

Places to Remember JFK
I'm trying not to make this sound like a vacation recommendation because that's not what I mean (and it's far too ghoulish). But there's something to be said about visiting a place where something important, if terribly tragic, happened.
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