Wednesday, December 25, 2013

About Adventure Travel: Best Routes for Hut to Hut Skiing and Hiking

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Where to watch 900-horsepower off-road trucks race down ski slopes.

Romantic getaways and adventure travel are a great couple.


Best Hut to Hut Skiing or Hiking Routes
From dirt cheap to luxurious accommodation, from day trips to week-long treks, and from the United States to Tasmania, there are huts scattered across the world's wild places.


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Red Bull's Frozen Rush; Drag Racing on Snow!
Gun your engines! Eight 900-horsepower off-road Pro4 trucks will race head-to-head on the snow-covered slopes through figure eights and over jumps on steep inclines.
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Romantic Getaways and Adventure Travel Make a Great Couple
Active and adventurous travelers swear romantic getaways and adventure travel make a great couple. Here's where you can blend the two and add extra zing to a trip.


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Dog Sledding in the Wintertime
The Iditarod challenges the mountain ranges, ice-sheathed rivers and pine-shrouded forests, but there are much tamer dog-sled rides for the rest of us.


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