Wednesday, December 4, 2013

About Adventure Travel: How to Experience Time Travel

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From Lois Friedland, your Guide to Adventure Travel

What You Don't Know About Africa's Big 5 - Plus 5 More
"The 'Big Five', a term used to describe the most dangerous animals to hunt, is now the catch phrase for what first-time visitors want to see when visiting the African bush. Surprising insights into the Big 5, plus 5 more.


Have You Ever Experienced Time Travel?
This phone app is for armchair travelers and movie lovers. Ever wondered what a street setting from a scene in your favorite movie looks like today? Here's where to find out.


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It May Not Be Too Late to Score That Big Trip
If you're reading this before 5pm PST, there may still be big discounts on several ROW Adventures trips to the Galapagos, and for rafting, kayaking and family adventures.


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How to Avoid Booking an Adventure Travel Trip You'll Hate
Here are 8 things not to do when planning an adventure travel vacation.
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