Wednesday, December 18, 2013

About Adventure Travel: Would You Go Scuba Diving in an Ice Covered Lake?

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From Lois Friedland, your Guide to Adventure Travel

How about riding a fat-tire bike on a snow-covered trail?

Not too late to see the "12 Days of G".


Plow Through Snow on a Fat Tire Bike
Need a singletrack fix in the winter - or a tamer wintery bike ride? Hop on a fat-tire bike, which floats on snow and can grip ice. Here's where to pedal.


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Who is Offering "12 Days of G" Christmas Discounts?
This small-group adventure travel tour operator is offering savings of 15 percent or more on great trips during it's annual "12 Days of G" promotion, which ends at Christmas.  


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Frozen Thrills Come With Ice Dives
Chop a hole in the ice, put on a dry suit and follow a scuba divemaster into the water. Have you ever tried ice diving? Take a look at the videos.


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Cave Diving Provides Different Thrills
Like close spaces? If you don't want to dive under the ice, try cave diving.


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