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About Divorce Support: Surviving the Holidays Before, During and After Divorce

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Co-Parenting During the Holidays
If you are divorced and share custody of your children with your ex, you have a court ordered visitation schedule. Most of the time these court ordered visitation schedules are in the best interest of the parents. Parents naturally want to spend as much time with their children as possible during the holiday. ...Read more
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Holiday Cheer For The Newly Divorced
Is this your first Holiday Season divorced and single? Maybe it is your 3rd or 4th and you are stuck wondering how you are going to survive the Holidays, once again. This time of year may bring up memories of Holidays past, the family gatherings and celebrating as an intact family....Read more

How To Reduce Holiday Stress During Divorce
Holidays are always stressful and demand so much time and energy, but this can be even more magnified when you have recently gone through a divorce. Some easy to follow tips will make them easier and more enjoyable for you and if you have them, your children....Read more

Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive for Your Children
There is a certain magic and wonder about Christmas that no child should be robbed of. How you deal with your separation and divorce during the holiday will have a lot to do with how much magic and wonder your child experiences during the holiday season....Read more

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