Friday, December 20, 2013

About Today: For All the Tea in China

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It gets your attention when the space program of the most populous country in the world lands an intact craft on the moon. Unless you're already some kind of expert like Charles Custer, it's probably a good time to learn a little more about modern-day China. (And if you think a new Samsung Chromebook might help, you should know that Education is giving one away!)

Getting Paid to Comment Online
The "50 Cent Party" is thought to be a paid cadre of online commenters working for the Chinese government to advance its agenda and influence public opinion. How persuasive they are is up for debate, but they're certainly pervasive.
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China's Hottest Dating Show
The TV show Fei Cheng Wu Rao is so popular in part because it features young people talking openly about dating and sex. It can get pretty cruel too. Direct translation of the show's title: "If you're not serious, then don't bother me."

Some Sobering Cyber Stats
There are more than half a billion internet users in China. Two years from now it'll be more like 800 million. Online sales topped $1 trillion in 2012. Sure, growing internet usage comes with increased concerns about things like censorship and piracy, but the sheer numbers bode well for China's future.
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Are Chinese Cities Really That Polluted?
The short answer is yes, but would you believe that some of China's more polluted cities have an Air Quality Index nearly six times what the U.S. considers "unhealthy" and more than three times what it would deem "hazardous?" Traffic, heavy industry and burning coal to heat cities in winter are just some of what's to blame.
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