Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About Today: How to Have a Rockin' New Year's Party

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A lot of hype surrounds New Year's Eve—every club seems to promise an epic, star-studded party. While we can't guarantee that you'll have the Best New Year's Eve Ever™, following these tips will help make the night just a little more awesome.

Top 10 Pop Albums of 2013
Working on your New Year's party playlist? Make sure you include a mix of old party favorites plus some tracks from the year's best albums.
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The Best Party Makeup Tips
Find out how to get this year's perfect smoky eye, the right way to add shimmer to your eyes, and why you should play up your eyes or your mouth, but never both. Look your best this New Year's with these 13 tips.
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10 Ways to Appear Thinner and More Confident
You don't need to drop ten pounds to look like a whole new you. These simple tricks will help you look slimmer instantly—without a gym membership or uncomfortable shapewear. Here's how to look great right now.
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A Romantic New Year's Dinner Menu
Party-hopping not your thing? This New Year's Eve, avoid the crowds and stay indoors with someone special. These romantic dinner menus are a surefire way to kick off 2014 right.
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