Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About Today: The Most Dangerous Time of the Year?

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When we think about holiday and winter safety, we tend to worry about our kids and our pets, our homes and our money and our own physical wellbeing, not necessarily in that order. But are the holidays any more dangerous than any other time of year? Probably not. A little common sense and some expert tips however can protect us from some of the more common hidden holiday hazards.

How Poisonous are Poinsettias?
It's scary to think about our pets (not to mention our kids) ingesting anything we're not sure about. Plants are probably the most common concern when it comes to the holidays. As it turns out, Poinsettias aren't as bad as most people think, but watch out for Mistletoe and Holly.

Protecting Kids from December Dangers
No school, presents, candy and all the colorful lights may be about as good as it gets for the kids, but decorations, traveling, new toys and visiting other people's homes can also be dangerous for them if you're not keeping watch.
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Holiday Hazards Online
The holidays can be an especially joyous time for would-be cyber criminals. Too much online sharing can get you into trouble no matter what time of year it is, but too much holiday cheer (or eggnog) can lull you into letting your guard down and not always using your best judgment.
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Safe at Home for the Holidays
A little carelessness and/or failure to follow safety standards can lead to some serious damage at home, especially during the holidays. Follow these 12 tips, and your days should be merry and bright.
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