Wednesday, January 8, 2014

About Today: Breaking Bad Habits

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There's a big difference between an addiction and a bad habit. If it's a behavior you can control, chances are it's a habit. And the bad ones, however ingrained they may be, can be broken. Good luck though; it's not always easy.

Making Choices, Breaking Habits
There's no doubt about it, change is hard. And to change an undesired behavior you've been doing so much it's become involuntary, you have to be conscious of it. Only then can you start making good choices.
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Battling Bad Habits After Breakups
Let's say you just got dumped. Or perhaps you were the one doing the dumping. Either way, you probably developed some pretty bad habits with your ex, making it even harder than it already is to let go.
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Stopping Bad Spending Habits
Do you really need that new [fill in the blank] or is it just something you really want? Here are 10 things you can do to bring a spending habit under control.

Breaking Bad Etiquette Habits
Lower your voice. Don't interrupt. Watch your mouth. Stand back. Mind your manners, and try not to offend. These 20 things are simply bad form in most social situations or in public.
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