Friday, January 31, 2014

About Today: Celebrate 15 Days of Chinese New Year!

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Whether you are a horse, a rat, a tiger, or any other horoscope, Chinese New Year will determine your fortune for the next 12 months. During the 15-day celebration we will explore the meaning behind popular dishes, prepare a special menu, and travel around the world to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Learn Your Chinese New Year Facts
Chinese New Year invites you to say goodbye to the old, and ushers in health, good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. For those of you who have never celebrated, this is what it is all about.

Change Your Luck with Chinese Food
Spring rolls, egg rolls and clam sycee look like gold and silver bullion, and for Chinese families, they can bring wealth in the new year. Try our delicious recipes here.

Let's Prepare Your Chinese New Year Menu
Dumplings, lettuce wraps and pearl balls are popular in many Chinese New Year menus. Invite your family to savor Chinese culture with 7 delicious appetizers.

Chinese New Year Around the World
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