Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About Today: Happy New Year and Happy... Hangover?

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We'll keep this short. Because maybe you drank a few too many festive holiday cocktails while ringing in the New Year last night. If your head is throbbing and you're having trouble stomaching leftover holiday cookies (probably a good thing), we're here to nurse you back to health. So grab a big glass of water, put on your comfiest pants, and let's get 2014 started.

How Hungover Are You?
Before you can start to feel better, we have to figure out which of the six levels of hangovers we're working with. Are you just craving greasy food? Or did you wake up on the bathroom floor? There's a difference.
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Fact vs. Fiction: Hangover Cures and Remedies
Black coffee? Pickles? Hair of the dog? While the only true cure for a hangover is time (and a Breaking Bad binge-a-thon), many folks swear by these popular hangover remedies. But are they helping or hurting?
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Yes, You Can Still Exercise!
If you're not feeling great, but still hell-bent on starting your healthy New Year's resolution today, good for you! Light exercise can help your hangover, but don't overdo it. Try these total body ball stretches or these gentle yoga poses.
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Starting Over Sober
Is it one of those "I'm-never-drinking-again" types of hangovers? We feel your pain (and nausea) as many of us have been there at least once. Still, if this happens a little too often, it might be time to cut down or lay off the booze altogether. Here's how to know it's time to quit.
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