Tuesday, January 28, 2014

About Today: How to Grow a Garden in a Few Empty Containers

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Did you know you can grow an entire garden in containers? Container gardening is an awesome alternative for those of us who are currently stuck indoors (hey, it's cold out there!) or just have too little space for a traditional garden. All you need is a few containers, the right plants and a little creativity; we've got the tips, tricks and advice to help your container garden thrive!

Growing Plants & Flowers in Containers
There are so many beautiful plants and flowers you can grow in containers—both indoors and outdoors! Flowering vines can add depth and drama to your outdoor garden; paperwhite narcissus are simple to bloom indoors (and make gorgeous gifts!); and small succulent gardens are super cute and ridiculously easy to care for, both indoors and outdoors.
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Growing Fruits & Vegetables in Containers
Don't let winter weather (or a small space) get your fruit and veggie gardens down! If you're in a colder climate, try growing garlic greens, celery or a Meyer lemon tree inside. And if you're in a warmer climate, check out this tutorial for an upside-down tomato plant!
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Growing Herbs Indoors
How awesome would it be to have a never-ending supply of your favorite herbs right on your kitchen counter? Lucky for us foodies, herbs and spices are super easy to grow indoors. Check out our picks for the five best indoor herb garden kits. Or, if you're feeling a bit more ambitious, get everything you need to start your own herb garden—from the right herbs to the best containers to must-have tools and supplies.

How to Create Decorative Container Gardens
Decorative terrarium gardens make simple, stylish home decor—and they make great gifts, too! You can buy a garden terrarium at any garden store or get crafty by making your own with pretty glass containers, mason jars or seashells. But once your terrarium is arranged, don't forget to properly care for the plants inside!

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