Monday, January 20, 2014

About Today: MLK: A Day of Conscience

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On April 5, 1968, the New York Times described three ways people saw Martin Luther King Jr. in his obituary. "To many million of American Negroes," wrote Murray Schumach," the civil rights leader was "the prophet of their crusade for racial equality." For millions of white Americans, he was a "bridge of communication between races." And for the world, Dr. King was the "winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a man with access to the White House and the Vatican; a veritable hero in the African states that were just emerging from colonialism." Join us on Martin Luther King Day to honor a hero who brought different people together with his dream for equality.

Almost 46 Years after MLK's Death
You can measure the virtue of a person through the endurance of his ideals. Here are 4 Ways you can live Dr. King's dream today.

Important MLK Speeches and Quotes
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The Biography of an Extraordinary Man
Some men and women stand like pillars above society. But Dr. King earned his place in history by walking shoulder to shoulder with everyday people. This is why Martin Luther King Day is the people's holiday.

Honoring the Legacy of MLK in Our Cities
Building a memorial that is a symbol of a dream is a daunting task. But today, thousands travel to the National Mall to see the 30 foot sculpture of Dr. King gazing over the horizon. Join us on a tour of the Martin Luther King Memorial (PHOTOS).
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