Monday, January 6, 2014

About Today: Steps to a Healthier You in 2014

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Many usher in the New Year (just like the last!) with some sort of dietary or fitness pledge. Unfortunately, less than 8% of people make their resolutions stick and more than 30% don't even start trying in the first place. One reason is because very strict or lofty goals can be tough to sustain. So, how can you beat the statistics? Follow these steps to make positive diet and exercise changes that will carry a healthier you into 2015 and beyond.

Change Your Mindset
Making healthier diet choices and getting exercise doesn't have to be overwhelming. Instead of trying to "do it all" at once, break your larger goals into more manageable ones and avoid these other critical mistakes.
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Be Realistic With Your Goals
Just because the flavor-of-the-month diet plan worked for your favorite celebrity, doesn't mean it'll be practical for you. Take a step back and create a realistic weight loss meal plan or exercise program.
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Get the Support You Need
Research shows that weight loss is more successful with support. There's no need to go it alone and plenty of ways to get your family and friends on a healthy bandwagon.

Re-evaluate Your Goals Often
If you pledged to start going to the gym but realize you kind of hate the gym, it's time to rethink your exercise strategy. Instead of throwing your hands in the air or feeling shame for not accomplishing your goal, remember there's more than one means to an end.

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