Thursday, February 20, 2014

About Today: Chase Winter Blues Away with Fun Indoor Activities

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Long winter days can make your children and grandchildren feel bored and blue. But these indoor activities will re-energize them, and excite them about making family crafts, playing board games, reading and science.

Fight Boredom with Puppets, Winter Piñatas and More!
Puppets are a great tool for stretching your imagination. You can make them with socks, gloves and paper bags. Brighten up any cloudy day for your kids with these easy-to-make puppets.
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Board Games That Excite Your Mind
They can engage your family´s imagination in unexpected but exciting ways. Board games can take you back in time to build a trading empire in Puerto Rico. Inspire you to become a detective in a murder mystery. These 10 must-have board and card games will entertain your whole family.
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Your Adventure Begins with the Turn of a Page
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Transform Your Home into a Science Lab
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