Monday, February 10, 2014

About Today: DIY Valentine's Day Cards, Decorations and Gifts!

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Don't stick to the store-bought Valentine's Day gifts this year; think outside of the candy box and give your loved ones one-of-a-kind DIY presents! Making homemade gifts gives you a million opportunities to get creative and the gift receiver will undoubtedly appreciate the time, effort and love put into their present. Not to mention, making your own gifts will save you some serious dough. So, read on for more than 30 Valentine's Day DIYs and get gluing!

DIY Valentine's Day Cards
There's nothing sweeter than a homemade Valentine's Day card! From simple "paint-by-numbers"-style cards to amazingly intricate origami cards, there are so many ways to get creative with your Valentine's Day paper crafts. And don't forget to include a lovey-dovey quote! (If you're not feeling super inspired, we've got free printable cards, too. You're welcome.)
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DIY Valentine's Day Decorations
Why buy Valentine's Day decorations when you can make 'em?! Hang a cute Valentine's Day garland in a doorway; make a sweet, vintage-y heart wreath with burlap and ribbon; or arrange a pretty (and easy) centerpiece for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Skip the store and make your valentine a sweet, personalized gift! We guarantee they'll love it—especially if you make a candy bouquet, a personalized mug or some cute knitwear. Or you could always take the traditional route and give them a lovey-dovey coupon book and some pretty flowers.
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Free Valentine's Day Printables
Going out on a hot date for Valentine's Day? Keep your kids occupied with Valentine's Day coloring pages and word searches. Your babysitter will thank you. Or use our free printable valentines for your kids' classes, so you have more money for the really important things ... like chocolate.
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