Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About Today: Host a Winter Olympics Party!

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There are so many ways to celebrate the Winter Olympics. Personally, I like to get really emotional while watching the Opening Ceremony and cry into a glass of wine ... but that's just me. Throwing an Olympics-themed party is an even better (and tear-free) way to celebrate the beginning of the Games! So, take a few minutes to brush up on this year's location in Sochi, Russia, read about the Olympians' amazing physical feats and start planning your party!

Tips for Pre-Party Planning
If you're planning on throwing a last-minute party for the Opening Ceremony or have some time to send out your invitations, we've got lots of ways to make your party prep fast, affordable and stress-free.
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Make Your Own Party Decorations
If crafting and decorating were Olympic sports, I'd have like, three hundred gold medals. From wintry decor like cardboard snowflakes to sporty decor like handmade Olympic torches, the Winter Olympics present tons of opportunities to get crafty. The best part? You can trick your kids into making most of these decorations for you!
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Delicious Appetizer and Meal Ideas
Okay, so maybe you don't want to be as healthy as the Olympians and want to nom on buffalo wings, guacamole and this amazing Olympic-themed cake; I'm certainly not one to judge. Whether you want to take the junk food route, the healthy route or the traditional Russian route—hey, why not honor the 2014 Games' location?—we've got tons of gold medal-worthy recipes for your guests.
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Olympic Party Games and Activities
Aside from actually watching the Games, you should plan some activities for your party guests. Keep the kids occupied with Winter Olympic-themed printables; make some good, ol' fashioned (and friendly!) bets with the adults; or take the entire party outside for some snowy, winter fun.
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