Tuesday, February 25, 2014

About Today: Spring is Coming! Time to Thaw Out the Children

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Sure it's cold and wintry now, but it won't be long before baseball season comes around and you'll have to unsully the uniforms, clean the cleats and un-goo the gloves (they're full of Valentine's Day candy).

Which Sports Are Right for Kids?
There seems to be more sports options today than ever before. It used to just be soccer and baseball, right? Now there's curling? I still think that's a weird joke Canada is playing on the world. So, what can kids play?

Can You Take Kids Hiking?
I used to think hiking was more my speed until it was pointed out that it's outdoors and often uphill. What is it, another work day? You can't bring kids, right?
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Get Kids Interested in Running
My kids are totally not into running except when it's time to brush their teeth or clean their rooms. They're also good at hiding. What's a parent to do?
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Kids and Yoga: Does It Affect Their Height?
Okay, I totally made that up. There's no evidence that learning to bend and stretch does anything other than keep you healthy and popular at party game tricks. I also made that up. I'm really not the right person to go to for facts that you rely on to be true. So, yoga: deadlier than a scorpion?
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