Thursday, February 13, 2014

About Today: The Ultimate Homemade Romantic Dinner for Two

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It's almost here! No, not the summer, unfortunately. We're talking about the time of figurative warm fuzzies: Valentine's Day. Whether you'll be spending it with your family, your lover, or Netflix, you'll want a tasty, gourmet meal to share with your company of choice. We've got all of the recipes you need to make the best menu imaginable; you just provide the roses and teddy bears.

Aphrodisiacs for All
Valentine's Day is the best time to enjoy foods that are natural aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, chocolate, and avocado. And don't forget the ultimate love potion: champagne!
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Great Gourmet
We're all about easy weeknight dinners, but V-Day may just be the time to flex your culinary skills and come up with something a little fancier. From a Classic Ribeye to sensual seafood, has all kinds of recipes that are sure to woo.

Breakfast in Bed
Sometimes, we have a few too many Valentine's Day cocktails, or maybe we're just in the mood for takeout, and that gourmet dinner doesn't really happen. All is not lost; try surprising your sweetheart with a sumptuous breakfast in bed! Who could say no to French toast and mimosas?
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So Sweet
And of course, there's dessert! Naturally, we dream of chocolate, but berries, mousse, and other treats will do the trick too. Top just about anything with whipped cream or hot fudge and consider us sold.

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