Friday, February 7, 2014

About Today: What Are These Folk Singing About?

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My kids come to me for answers. You know, why did she say that to me (sometimes people lose their temper, wait a day and it'll be okay), how does this work (microwaves speed up the molecules in the food and heat it up from the inside), what should I do here (carry the one). When it comes to death, and specifically after death, I have to rely on my friend Iris. She tells me to tell them to, "let the mystery be."

The Infamous Angel
Iris Dement has a love or leave it voice. I, however, feel a little of both: I love it so much, I'll never leave it.
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The Next Dylan
We can debate whether John made it that far, but there is no denying his greatness.
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Who is Joan Baez?
I know nothing about Joan Baez other than a couple of songs. But to hear that her background is "Mexican, English, and Scottish, and she grew up in a Quaker household" makes me appreciate our melting pot more than ever.
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For Pete
How do you not talk about Pete Seeger? The more you read about the man, you find out he walked the walk of the songs he sang. I hope you get to lay that hammer down now, Pete. Others will swing it now.
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