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About Adoption: Strong Feelings In Adoption

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From Carrie Craft, your Guide to Adoption
Working Through Strong Feelings During and After the Adoption Process

Whether you are just beginning the adoption process and knee deep in paperwork and social workers or have already been blessed with the arrival of your child - you may have already been hit with some pretty strong emotions.

Two guest authors share their perspectives. Mardie Caldwell talks about Dealing with Anger and Depression while in the adoption process and Amy Rogers Nazarov shares her experience with Depression After Adoption.


What Is Developmental Grieving?
Children experience strong emotions as well during the foster and adoption experience.


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A Children's Book Review Over a Sweet Adoption Book

The topic of adoption often just pops up with kids throughout the course of a day. It's usually not a conversation that conversation that a parent purposely plans, though they may want it that way. I Bet She Called Me Sugar Plum is a beautifully illustrated book that does not have a strong adoption theme, but the topic is thoughtfully woven into the story. The book shows a mother and daughter spending the day together doing fun activities, and eventually getting ready for bed. As the daughter learns about her grandmother, she asks about her birth mother.

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