Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About Astrology: Solar Year Begins Thursday - Spring Equinox!

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From Molly Hall, your Guide to Astrology

The Sun's big outburst, into Aries, is a natural season of celebration.  The Sun heals and nurtures life, and Spring officially begins Thursday (March 20th).

Spring Equinox - March 20th

Are you as ready for sunshine as I am?   Spring Equinox is for planting seeds for the entire solar year.

Neptune Goggles On
Mercury into Pisces, out of direct shadow and smack dab with Neptune.  A revelatory week!
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Review: The Mysteries of the Eighth Astrological House

In her book on the Eighth House, Carmen Turner-Schott takes note of the Judgement card in the tarot. She relates it to Pluto, the planetary patron of the Eighth... Read more

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Phantom Flight 370: Huge (UFO) Lights Seen

The astrologer and futurist Michael St. Clair sent me his simulation of the flight of what he calls the Phantom Flight 370. St. Clair has a background in military... Read more

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