Thursday, March 27, 2014

About Today: Add Some Spring to Your Beauty Routine

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You've cleaned your home and yard (and even your computer!) Now it's time to refresh your beauty routine.

Get Your Hair Ready for Warmer Weather
As the seasons change from cold in the winter to warm and moist during the spring and summer, our hair often goes from dry and full of static to frizzy and sun bleached. Preparing for this change of the seasons can help you have a better hair day all year. Here's what to do.
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Must-Try Nail Art Trends for Spring
Time to put away those navy blue and deep red nail polishes and embrace some lighter shades. The hot hues this season are feminine, airy, and offer just a touch of sparkle. Browse our favorite looks.
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How to Get Smooth, Silky Skin
Harsh winter weather can do a number on your skin. Get ready for warmer temperatures (and shorter hemlines!) with this head-to-toe exfoliating regimen.
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Time to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag
Plenty of woman have a pile of makeup in her drawer that she "sometimes" uses but just can't bear to give up. Beauty products do have a shelf life, however, and chances are that those oft overlooked eye shadows and lipsticks have long expired. Here's when you should toss that makeup.
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