Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About Today: Don't Let March Madness Ruin You

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March Madness begins next week, and millions of Americans will fill out brackets and place their bets on the annual college basketball tournament. Incidentally, this month is also National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Of course, not everyone joining an office pool this month has a gambling problem. But there's a right way and a wrong way to bet on sports -- both to maximize your chances and to make sure you're not becoming a gambling addict.

March Madness: The Basics
Don't know the difference between a pick-and-roll and a fast break? That's okay -- you don't need to be a basketball genius to bet on the tournament. Our crash course to betting on March Madness will give you the basics on standard bracket betting, as well as more advanced betting systems like bidding pools and lottery pools.
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Is Office Betting Okay?
A true March Madness pool really only works if you've got a group of people throwing in cash to make the grand prize nice and lucrative. One easy place to find a bunch of entrants? Your office, of course. But between lost productivity and the potential for conflict, is it really a good idea to engage in sports gambling at work?

Are You a Gambling Addict?
While most people are capable of betting on the Super Bowl or NCAA tournament and then getting on with their lives, there are some people for whom gambling is pathological. Here's how to know if you've got a gambling addiction.

Don't Gamble on the Market, Either
If you're regularly blowing huge sums betting on basketball games, you might have a serious gambling addiction. But what if you're regularly making huge bets on the stock market? The risk of loss can be even greater, and it's wise to understand How Trading is Like Gambling
  • What the Gambler's Fallacy Can Teach Investors
  • Why Options Are Riskier Than Stocks
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