Friday, March 7, 2014

About Today: Don't Lose Sleep Over It

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It's time to spring forward: this Sunday, March 9th at 2 am, we lose an hour of sleep in exchange for some extra daylight. Are you one of the millions of Americans not getting enough sleep to begin with? Find out what you can do to pay off your sleep debt in return for more energy and better health.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?
Eight hours is often quoted as the standard amount of time needed in order to feel refreshed for the day ahead. The truth is, everyone's needs are different.
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10 Tips For Better Sleep

Top Health Benefits of Getting Your ZZZs
Not only does lack of sleep zap your energy levels, it can also impact your health. Reduce stress, your risk of cancer, and keep your heart healthy by getting more shut eye. If nothing else, sleeping more can make you smarter.
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Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?
If regular sleeping problems are interfering with your every day life, you may have one of these common sleep disorders.
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