Friday, March 28, 2014

About Today: What Do You Know About America's Pastime?

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A funny thing happened in Sydney, Australia while you were watching March Madness: the 2014 Major League Baseball season started, although most people will tell you that opening day, a veritable holiday for baseball fans, is still a couple days away.

Baseball in 2014: What to Watch For
If you're at all into baseball or even just curious what the big deal is, you should read what Baseball Expert Kevin Kleps predicts about the upcoming season. He'll tell you, for example, what we'll have to talk about for a whole season without Alex Rodriguez around.

Whose Idea Was the 7th-Inning Stretch?
On April 14, 1910 William Howard Taft became the first U.S. president to throw out the first pitch on opening day, starting a tradition. And that wasn't the only tradition the 300-pound Taft started that day, or so they say.
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What Makes Baseball Dirt So Special?
Ordinary soils are too crumbly, so the "infield dirt" part of a baseball field is made from a very specific mix of very specific ingredients. Do you know what "umpire's mud" is or why so much sand is needed under the infield? We've got all the dirty little secrets.
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Why (Some) Athletes Use Steroids
You can't talk about baseball anymore without steroids coming up. Just when you thought baseball's "steroids era" was over, the Biogenesis scandal hit, and more than a dozen players, including A-Rod, were suspended. But what are steroids, and why do athletes use them in spite of the obvious risks?
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