Friday, November 29, 2013

About Today: Let's Boogie!

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I love to cut a rug, but everyone tells me I look like Elaine Benes when I dance. I'm just trying to get my groove on here, people! And that's where Treva Bedinghaus, the Dance Expert, comes in. Treva has tips and tricks to turn any two-left-footer into the Dancing Queen (or King!).

Stretch It Out
Unless you're Gumby, you'll want to stretch those gams before gettin' jiggy with it. Not only does stretching improve your flexibility, but it can prevent injuries if you hit the dance floor a little too hard.
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Types of Dance
Before you pull on your tap shoes—or ballet slippers or cowboy boots—you might want to learn about the different types of dance! Are you a ballerina? A jazz dancer? A Flamenco dancer? Check out Treva's dance profiles for the lowdown on dance styles.
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Find Your Dance Style
There's no better way to figure out your personal dance style than to test 'em all out! Not sure where to start? Treva has lots of advice on basic dance moves and finding the beat in music. Now, pull on your favorite leotard and get grooving.
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Dancing and Health
Go right ahead and add your health to the list of reasons for a daily dance party—as if you really needed another reason. Not only does dancing improve your flexibility, strength and endurance, but it'll improve your mood and boost your confidence, too!
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