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 The presents are open and there are still several days of school vacation left. Find out how to deal with boredom and behavior problems during the end of vacation. Also, be thinking about those resolutions as we head into the new year! And don't forget to join me on social media to continue the discussions about parenting teens.

Dealing with More Serious Behavior Problems over Vacation
If your teen's behavior is less than acceptable over school vacation, it's important to develop a plan to address it. Sometimes too much unstructured time can lead teens to misbehave,... Read more

Avoid Paying those Obnoxious Behaviors too Much Attention
A school vacation combined with holiday festivities can lead to some interesting behavior from teens to say the least. While too much family time can cause some teens to grow... Read more

Give Your Teen the Gift of Technology – Along with a Behavior Contract
Lots of parents are giving their teens the latest and greatest technological devices as gifts this season. However, many teens don't know how to handle the extra responsibilities that often... Read more

Can You Ground Your Teen from Gifts Received from Other People?
Often, parents will tell me that they can't take away some of their teen's favorite things because they were gifts from other people. For example, a parent might say, "I... Read more

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