Monday, December 30, 2013

About Today: Kick Off 2014 Squeaky-Clean!

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The holidays: family time, good cheer and delicious food. Also, an incredibly messy house and the desire to never prepare a single meal ever again. Lucky for you, we've got easy ways to whip your home back into pre-holidays shape! Now, if only I could apply the same methods to the five pounds I've gained since Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot, Christmas cookies.

Make Your Home Spotless
So, your bratty nephew smeared chocolate pudding all over your new rug, your entire kitchen is coated in flour and butter and every single member of your family has had their derriere on your toilet. It's time to clean, my friends. Grab an all-purpose cleaner and get scrubbin'! We've got quick and easy ways to tackle the kitchen, bathroom and living room. And a bit more, ahem, intensive way to clean that overused toilet.
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Scale Laundry Mountain
Got a little crazy with the cranberry sauce and gravy, huh? I don't judge. Don't toss your holiday duds just yet; we've got plenty of tips and tricks to save your favorite reindeer sweater from a food-stained fate! (Hint: trying to lick stains off of your clothes does not work. I've tried.)
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Start Sorting
After all of those holiday parties and dinners, your kitchen and pantry probably look like a warzone ... filled with delicious holiday treats. Get your kitchen in check with easy organizational tips and a step-by-step guide to tidying up the pantry. And once you find your way out of that mountain of holiday cards and promotional flyers, check out these ultra-organized, ultra-amazing living rooms for a little organization inspo.
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Make a Resolution
Your house is so sparkly and clean! Now keep it lookin' fresh through the New Year by making a resolution. Whether you resolve to keep the house spic 'n' span, to take better care of your home or to make your house eco-friendly, we've got plenty of advice and ideas. The challenging part is actually keeping your resolution!

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