Friday, December 6, 2013

About Today: Everything Old is New Again

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With the popularity of period TV shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men, and the internet's obsession with #TBT, it's clear the world has an obsession with days gone by. When it comes to fashion from decades past, no one has more knowledge than our Vintage Clothing expert, Jennifer Nicole Sullivan. Jennifer has tricks for keeping your retro frocks looking fresh, tips for channeling your favorite star's style, and more.
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Dress Like an Icon: Jackie Kennedy
This holiday season, we're seeing a return to a more sophisticated, lady-like style. While you can draw fashion inspiration from countless Hollywood icons, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy embodied an effortlessly chic sensibility that is still emulated today. Here's how to get her look.
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Timeless '70s Trends
With American Hustle and Anchorman 2 hitting theaters this month, we're expecting to see renewed interest in the vibrant, sexy styles the 1970s were known for. So should you pull out your polyester pantsuit out of storage? Not so fast, Tony Manero. Here are the trends worth revisiting.
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10 Must-Have Vintage Fashion Gifts
Shopping for a fellow vintage fan? These gift ideas that are chic, affordable, unique and don't require your loved ones measurements. Browse our favorite finds.

Don't Ruin That Dress!
In order to keep vintage clothing looking like new, don't treat it like that sweater you scored on sale at the local mall. Follow these easy tips to protect your vintage treasures.
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