Tuesday, December 24, 2013

About Today: It's Tomorrow, You Know

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If you haven't finished shopping for your significant other yet, it's my duty to inform you that you have about 18 minutes to get out of town and change your name. That's my plan. I haven't decided which is going to be more stressful: getting a new driver's license or coming up with a new name. "El Matador Gigante" has already been taken.

Holiday Stress Tips
We all deal with stress in different ways, of course, but I don't recommend drinking as your way to deal with holiday stress. That's reserved for work days.
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Handling Divorce and Holidays
It took me 35 years to figure out that my dad didn't leave me a present at the side door on Christmas Eve. Each year I'd ask why he didn't come in, why he didn't say hello. Divorce is tough on kids and tough on everyone during the holidays.

Ain't A Party Until There's Party Stress
I can't deal with parties. I either hide behind the punch bowl or just start playing with the food that's out. Turns out few people will eat baked ziti after you've made a fort out of it. I thought crumbled up potato chips made a pretty snowfall effect. So, long story short, learn to deal with party stress better than I do.
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Stress and Smoking
I don't even smoke and can feel the weird urge to light up when booze is around and/or it's a stressful moment. How folks deal with the urge around the holiday is a mystery to me.

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