Wednesday, December 25, 2013

About Today: The Joy of Christmas Day!

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Somewhere between the baking and caroling, and the gifting (and regifting) that go along with Christmas, many people around the world make time to remember (for lack of a better cliché) "the reason for the season." As most know, the Christmas holiday honors the birth of Jesus, so we thought we'd use today to reflect on the religious significance of "the most wonderful time of the year." We wish a very merry Christmas to all those celebrating!

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How Well Do You Really Know the Christmas Story?
As we looked for the most interesting articles to share with you today, we learned a thing or two that really surprised us about the story of Christmas in the Bible. Like, do the three wise men actually belong in your Nativity scene or is it a myth of the magi?
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How to Pray on Christmas Day
Christmas is a time of great joy for Christians, as they praise God for the greatest gift of all. The spirit of the holiday is especially alive in this collection of Christmas prayers and poems.
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10 Christmas Customs With Pagan Roots
Most readers are familiar with the Christian view of Christmas, but did you know many of our favorite holiday customs (we're looking at you, mistletoe) can trace their roots back to Pagan origins?

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?
Christmas is hard to ignore. Just look at any shopping mall in America. So what do all of the folks who, well, don't believe in Jesus do? We've got some advice for atheists on how to handle the holidays.

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