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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Say, "My Child Would Never Do That"
Sadly, I hear it all the time. Parents who say, "Oh my child would never do that." However, their teen later confides in me that they do in fact drink, have sex, or sneak out of the house. Check out these five reasons about why you should think twice before uttering those words.

10 Startling Facts About Issues Today's Teens Face
Today's teens face some serious issues that past generations haven't experienced. Find out some of these startling facts about sex, drugs, and technology. 

How to Talk to Teens About Difficult Subjects
Talking to teens about topics like sex, drugs, and bullying can be difficult. Check out these strategies to help you open the door to communicating about tough issues.


Bullying and Anxiety- What's the Connection?
Find out how teens who become the targets of bullies may be at risk of developing anxiety disorders.

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