Friday, January 17, 2014

About Today: Home Renovation 101

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We're calling it: 2014 is the year you finally finish the home renovation project you've been planning forever. And that's where Lee Wallender,'s Home Renovations Expert, comes in. Lee has tips, tricks and advice to make your home reno fast, affordable and totally stress-free. Now, go forth and renovate!

Renovating Your Kitchen
We bet the kitchen is the most popular room in your house. Ours, too! While a total kitchen renovation may be out of your budget (hey, we hear you—they're expensive!), there are plenty of ways to update the hub of your home without spending a fortune. Try a surface renovation, rather than a full-scale reno, update your wall color or install a brand spankin' new over-the-range microwave.
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Renovating Your Bathroom
Did you know the average person spends about two years of their life in the bathroom? So, you might as well make it an enjoyable two years with a really beautiful bathroom! Whether you're undertaking a major bathroom renovation, shopping for a new vanity or simply changing the wall color, Lee has tons of ways to help you love your loo.
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Renovating Your Bedroom
It's time to transform your bedroom from home office/laundry room/library/occasional dining room to a stylish and sleep-inducing oasis! Lucky for you, the transformation can be as easy as changing the wall color! If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, install new flooring or hang an amazing light fixture over your bed. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, so don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures and styles.
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The Finishing Touches
Gorgeous finishes are the icing on top of the home renovation cake! Spice up your kitchen with a colorful backsplash; add a pop of color to your bathroom by changing the color of your grout; design a dramatic accent wall; or give your kitchen cabinets a facelift with a few coats of paint.

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