Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About Today: Our Best Soups and Stews for Winter

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It's well-known that there's nothing quite like a hot bowl of comforting soup or hearty stew on a chilly winter night. Might we argue that the best part about soup is that the varieties are literally endless? From a super-light Italian Acquacotta di Verdure to rich Crockpot Beer Cheese Chowder, all of the soup and stew recipes you could ever desire are waiting on About.com Food.

The Classics
Perhaps the most quintessential American soup is chicken noodle--and we've got a stellar (but simple) recipe for that right here. But don't forget matzo ball soup, tortilla soup, and split pea! Skip the sodium-packed canned versions and go homemade with these timeless recipes.
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Hearty and Heartier
Whether you're using a fancy Dutch oven, a hand-me-down crockpot, or just a stovetop saucepan, you'll want big flavor from your homemade soup or stew. A meat stew or creamy soup is guaranteed to give you that warm-fuzzies, comfort-food feeling. Try Cajun Chicken and Dumplings or Spicy Sausage and Kale Soup, for starters.
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Crockpot It!
You know what they say about diamonds? Well, crockpots are a chef's best friend. Just add your ingredients, set a timer, and catch up on some Mob Wives. When you lift the lid, your delicious meal--be it Chicken Tortilla Soup or hearty Jambalaya--will appear before your very eyes!

From Around the World
Every cuisine has its own spoon-friendly meals, from Polish Borscht to Moroccan Lamb Tagine Stew. Enjoy a virtual trip around the world by making a different international soup every night of the week!

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