Wednesday, January 22, 2014

About Today: Do You Feel SAD?

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Do cold winter days get you down? Millions of people suffer from a seasonal depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition not only causes a less-than-cheery mood but you also may lose interest in activities that typically give you pleasure in the spring and summer months. If the winter brings about significant changes in how you feel, find out what you can do and when you may want to seek professional help.

Top 9 Signs and Symptoms of SAD
Mood swings, increased carbohydrate cravings, irritability, and social withdrawal are just some of the signs of SAD. Here's a cheat sheet for how you can improve symptoms naturally, right now.

Boost Your Mood With Exercise
Exercise can help ease the symptoms of depression in many ways. Because we know it's hard to stay motivated in the winter months, we're giving away 5 FitBit Zip Activity Trackers on the Health Facebook Page!
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Let The Sun Shine In
As the days grow shorter, less sunlight translates into lower levels of "feel-good chemicals" like serotonin. That's why one of the most effective treatments for SAD is light box therapy. Before you buy a light box, read this.

How You Can Beat the Winter Blues
One way to combat feeling down on the dark, dreary days of winter is to make sure you're catching enough ZZZs.
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