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About Adoption: Why Lifebooks?

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 Lifebooks are so important to foster and adopted children. Here are a few articles to help in the creation of a lifebook for your child.

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Why Lifebooks?
Lifebooks are an awesome tool for foster and adopted children. Lifebooks are not just simple scrapbooks, they fill in the missing blanks of a child's history and can also offer... Read more

It's Never too Early for Creating a Life Book
What is a lifebook? Somewhat like a scrapbook, a lifebook is a detailed outline of the child's life. It may include birth parent information, birth information, and any and all placements through the child's foster care or adoptive journey. Other page ideas could include: "Where I was born," "My Adoption Day," "My First Parents," "My Heritage," "Why I Came into Foster Care," or "My Dreams for the Future."
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Best Ideas on How to Complete a Lifebook
Points to think about when helping a child create a lifebook.
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What Not to Put into a Lifebook
Just as important, if not more important, is to remember the things that should not go into your child's lifebook.
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