Wednesday, February 26, 2014

About Today: The Best Mardi Gras Party You've Never Heard Of

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Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday -- whatever you call it, on next Tuesday, March 4, we give you permission to eat everything in sight and drink the bars dry. Here's your last-minute prep guide:

New Orleans Mardi Gras: Dos and Don'ts
Do: Bring your walking shoes, make some dinner reservations, and be prepared to get soaked in beer. The bead situation is your call.
  • Mardi Gras Dos and Don'ts
  • Shake Up Four New Orleans Cocktails
  • 9 New Orleans Foods You've Gotta Try
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    The Best Mardi Gras Party You've Never Heard Of

    Caribbean Carnival: The Ultimate Guide
    Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival festivities might be the splashiest and most famous, but the entire region celebrates the holiday with colorful parades and concerts. Major bonus: You're in paradise.
  • A Brief History of Carnival in the Caribbean
  • How to Celebrate Carnival Year-Round
  • Photos: Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival

  • Brazil's Wild Carnival
    The only people who shouldn't go to Brazil's Carnival at least once? People who hate music, dancing, and spectacular parade floats.
  • Rio de Janeiro's Dazzling Samba School Parades
  • Street Carnival in Salvador
  • Belo Horizonte: Brazil's Underrated Carnival

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