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About Divorce Support: Madatory Share Custody

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Mandantory Shared Custod After Divorce
I'm an advocate of shared parenting after divorce. I believe that in ideal situations equal time with both parents is truly in the "best interest of the child." And when couple's divorce that is where their focus should be, doing what is best for their children...Read more

The Most Important Aspect of Divorce
Divorce feels like an emotional process but in reality it is a legal process. One or both spouses will decide to divorce. Both spouses will be impacted emotionally by the loss of the marriage and future hopes and dreams attached to the marriage...Read more

How Anger and Resentment Impact Your Divorce Settlement
You will get as close to fair as the Family Court system is able to give but unlike "love and war," all is not fair in divorce. If you are unable to or refuse to negotiate, decisions made during your divorce won't be dependent on what you want or what a judge thinks you should have but on preexisting divorce laws and divorce cases that came before yours...Read more

Why Does Family Court Prolong Conflict?
Attorneys who legislate have a vested interest in prolonging conflict during civil or criminal cases because the more conflict, the longer the case and the more money they or, their lawyer associates make. Simply stated it is in the interest of those who profit from family court for the conflict to be prolonged...Read more

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