Wednesday, March 12, 2014

About Astrology: Virgo Full Moon - Soul Force - Sunday

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Love Compatibility

The Full Moon (March 16th) is a culmination for updating unspoken contracts with others and tuning in to your own wise inner healer.  It's an early Spring cleaning!

Virgo Full Moon this Sunday (March 16th)
The Virgo-Pisces axis is supported by Saturn (Scorpio)....both luminaries get soul force for necessary purification or purging. 
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Mercury's One-Two Punch

Mercury is 'alien observer' this week in Aquarius, with aspects that shake up emotional defenses, so soul contracts can be re-calibrated. 

Venus Aquarius and Le Stelle

The Star card in the Tarot is a favorite of mine, and it seems many. A female figure, often skyclad, is depicted drawing down cosmic energies and releasing them... Read more

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Mars Goes Retrograde (to May 19): Word and Deed

Mars is traditionally frustrated in Libra, classified in astrology as in being in its detriment. Mars is an energy of being all-in and forceful, but in Libra, there's the... Read more

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