Wednesday, March 12, 2014

About Today: Is Your Car Ready for Warmer Weather?

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It's almost spring, which means you've got some spring cleaning to do. No, not that kind. Well, maybe that kind too, but after what your car has been through over the past few months, consider yourself lucky if a good spring cleaning is all it needs.

7 Parts of Your Car That Need Attention Now
You'll probably be doing a lot more driving as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer. Spend a little time checking or replacing these things first. You'll thank us when you're out on the open road and not pulled over on the side of it.

Detailing Your SUV in 5 Easy Steps
Think of detailing as a form of maintenance that probably won't make your vehicle run better but will make it look better. And doesn't driving a better looking SUV just make you feel better? It doesn't hurt the resale value either.
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Do I Really Need These Snow Tires Anymore?
Think ahead: understand the difference between snow tires and standard ones, and then decide if you ever want to use the former again. There are plenty of all-season and all-weather options available, and it's a cheaper, easier solution. So what's the catch?
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10 Tips for Keeping Your Mustang Clean
Okay, you can apply this set of best practices to just about any car. In fact, you should. But if you drive a Mustang, you know you have to keep it shining like new.
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