Monday, March 24, 2014

About Divorce Support: Divorce and Taxes

Taxes and Divorce: 9 Questions to Ask Yourself at Tax Time

If you are separated or newly divorced tax time can be a confusing. One area of confusion is the deduction for dependents. For instance, did you know that, even if your final decree gives you the right to claim your child as a dependent you still need special permission from the IRS?...Read more

Divorce Quote: "Moving On"

Divorce may render you feeling stuck and unable to move forward. It will knock you down but, you can and will get back up. The most important lesson I learned about myself via my divorce was how strong I am when faced with adversity. You will learn that same lesson!...Read more

5 Reasons Second Marriages Fail

Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 67% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. What are the reasons for this increase in divorce with each progressive marriage?...Read more

How Will Divorce Impact Your Health?

Americans' well-being differs greatly by marital status, according to data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Americans who are married have the highest levels of well-being (68.8), while those who are divorced (59.7) and, in particular, those who are separated experience the lowest levels of well-being (55.9)...Read more

3 Ways to Distract Yourself From the Pain of An Unwanted Divorce

Having the person you love and have built a life and future plans with tell you they want a divorce is a harrowing experience. The emotional pain of an unwanted divorce hits close to the top of the most painful things in life list... Read more

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