Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About Astrology: Aries New Moon - Saturday!

These are scrambled and intense times, and the Aries New Moon aligns with shockwave currents of Uranus. Hold on for a wild ride into April!

Aries and Courage

There's a Neptunian understory at the New Moon. So while there's intensity and Aries urge to act, there's also fluid perception (confusion, dissolving beliefs, dis-illusionment).

Aries New Moon in the Houses

Where's the action? Look to 10 degrees Aries (and cardinal signs) to ponder your own miracle grow zone.

Aries New Moon - Saturday, March 30th

Aries stokes the inner fire, and forms a T-Square with other forceful cardinal energies. This kind of energy builds into April, as Mars (Aries' ruler) backs in to form a volatile and vitalizing grand cross.

Sun into Aries

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