Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About Today: It's National Waffle Day!

March 25 is National Waffle Day, and it's about time we give a little thanks to our favorite honeycombed breakfast food. Originating in , this friendly holiday also marks the first day of spring in the Scandinavian nation. But back to waffles. Easy to make, endlessly versatile, and truly perfect with maple syrup, waffles are a food that we just keep coming back to. Here are some of our favorite ways to savor them.

The Basics of Breakfast

While most of us have enjoyed waffles at home time and time again, not all of us intuitively know how to make them from scratch. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for basic waffles.
Easy Waffles
Basic Brunch Waffles
Tips for Perfect Waffles

Something Extra

Ready to mix things up a bit? Try extra-fluffy Belgian waffles, perfectly moist Sour Cream Waffles, or dessert-like Chocolate Waffles. With its bready, slightly sweet flavor, waffle batter is begging for mix-ins and change-ups!
Yeasted Gluten-Free Waffles

Peanut Butter Waffles
Scandinavian-Style Cardamom Waffles
Fruity and Fab

Fruit and waffles are basically best friends. Berries, apples, and even citrus are all welcome ways to add sweetness and flavor to a base of fresh, fluffy waffle. Don't forget a dollop of fresh whipped cream!
Yeasted Gluten-Free Waffles
How to Make Apple Waffles
Low-Fat Pumpkin Waffles
Buttermilk Waffles with Orange

The Savory Side of the Iron

Not all waffles have to be sweet--in fact, savory waffles can add a sophisticated touch to your brunch menu. We love them with bacon (duh), but also try them with cheese or even topped with chili.
Easy Bacon Waffles
Norwegian Cheese and Bacon Waffles
Savory Corn Waffles
Cheddar Cheese Waffles

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