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About Teens: Talking to Teens About Their Future

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From Amy Morin, your Guide to Teens

Talking to teens about their future is important. They often need help understanding their options and guidance to help them develop a plan. And often, their plans change a dozen times. Provide your teen with lots of support to help him explore his career options.

Career Planning for High School Students

It's important to begin helping your teen explore career options early. Find out how to begin having conversations about future career aspirations. 

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How to Validate Your Teen’s Feelings

Learn how you can help your teen deal with a variety of feelings. Whether you're dealing with delicate conversations about your teen's future or your talking about another important subject, understanding how to validate your teen's feelings can make a big difference in your relationship.

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How to Build Credibility

If your teen doesn't value your advice and isn't interested in your guidance, it may be because you lack credibility. Find out how to increase the likelihood that your teen will value your opinion.

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How to Develop a Positive Pattern of Communication with Your Teen

Positive communication is essential to having a healthy relationship. However, many families find themselves caught in a cycle of negative interactions. Learn how to develop a positive pattern of communication with your teen.

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