Tuesday, March 4, 2014

About Teens: College Preparation

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This time of year means many seniors are finalizing their college plans. Many other teens are beginning to explore college opportunities. It can be an exciting but overwhelming time for teens and parents alike. 

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How to Help Your Teen Choose a College
Deciding where to go to school can be a big decision. Find out how you can help your teen narrow down the college search.


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10 Life Skills Teens Need to be Successful in College

College success requires more than just academic skills. Make sure your teen has the emotional, behavioral and social skills necessary for college as well.

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Help Your Teen Graduate from College Debt Free (Even If You Can't Pay)

Student loans are a big deal. In fact, the average student graduates with over $27,000 in student loan debt. I interviewed Rachel Cruze, daughter of radio host Dave Ramsey, to learn how teens can graduate from college debt free, even when parents can't afford to pay.

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6 Alternatives to College that Might be Right for Your Teen

College isn't right for everyone. If your teen isn't interested in college, there are plenty of alternatives. Check out these college alternatives to see how your teen can develop a career without a college degree.

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