Tuesday, March 4, 2014

About Today: Welcome to America's Most Famous Party

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Whether you celebrate Mardi Gras, Carnival or Fat Tuesday, today you will join thousands of people in an international feast that brings different foods, music and cultures together. Reconnect with the meaning of Carnival and other celebrations, elevate your spirit with popular Mardi Gras songs, satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious Fat Tuesday recipes, then jump ahead and prepare for Lent with these meatless dishes.

More Than a Tradition, It's Part of a Journey
The processions, the music and dancing, and the masks and costumes remind us that Carnival, like Lent and Easter, are stages in a lifelong journey. These links will guide you on your path through different celebrations.
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These Mardi Gras Songs Will Move Your Spirit
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March 4 is Mardi Gras and Pancake Day!
Fat Tuesday is the last big day of feasting before Lent begins. And on this day, medieval Christians used up eggs, butter, and milk, which were forbidden during Lenten abstinence, to make pancakes and pastries. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Polish crepe-like pancakes.
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Lenten Foods That Will Keep You Lean and Healthy
After overindulging on Fat Tuesday, meatless Lent recipes like tuna-noodle casseroles, macaroni and cheese, and fish sticks can seem boring. Wake your taste buds with this German-style Zucchini filled with tomatoes, feta and Parmesan cheese.
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