Thursday, March 20, 2014

About Today: How to Prep Your Yard for Warm Weather

It's the first day of spring! And while it may not feel like spring in your area—hello, it's 30 degrees in New York—that doesn't mean you can't start to prep your outdoor spaces for warmer weather, al fresco dining and barbeque season. Read on for smart advice and helpful tips on springy, outdoor projects, keeping your yard happy and healthy and accessorizing your outdoor spaces.

Spring Landscaping

Like your home, yards need a little spring cleaning, too! After the snow has melted—or if you're lucky enough to live in a warm, snow-free climate—spring is the best time to clean up old, dead plants, flowers and foliage, and start preparing your yard for a great summer. You'll want to learn how to kill crabgrass before it takes over your entire yard, add a pop of color with pretty flowerbeds and plant your late-winter-to-early-spring bulbs before warm weather permanently takes over.
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Spring Gardening

It's time to get back into the garden! Even if you're still experiencing harsh winter weather, you can get a head start on your spring garden by starting seeds indoors. And when the weather is finally warm again, you can finally dig into the dirt: plant a healthy vegetable garden, give your garden some oomph with a whole new design and grow the perfect roses with the proper care and pruning.
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Spring Lawn Care

Simple maintenance and care can keep your lawn healthy through all the seasons—and make your neighbors forever jealous. Once spring has sprung, you'll want to tackle crabgrass, apply the right fertilizer and aerate and seed the lawn. Just don't over do it—after a long winter, your lawn needs some time to emerge from dormancy and adjust to warm weather again.
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Spring-ify Your Outdoor Spaces

The best part of spring and summer? Enjoying the outdoors! Whether you have a small space, like a balcony or roof deck, or a huge deck or patio, our Experts have smart ways to decorate and care for your beloved outdoor spaces. First, remove any gross mildew, algae or moss that's growing on your outdoor surfaces. Then, if you're feeling really ambitious, build a pretty garden arbor or floating deck! If you're not feeling so ambitious, grab a patio umbrella and a glass of wine, and kick back and relax on your sweet new patio furniture.
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