Friday, March 21, 2014

About Today: Shout-Out to Single Parents

Today is Single Parents Day, so we're honoring the 14 million single parents in America who are essentially doing "double duty" when it comes to raising their children.

Benefits of Being a Single Parent

While you may not think of being a single parent family as a bonus, there definitely are positive effects that can help prepare your child for the "real world."
25 Reasons to be Proud of Yourself
How to Start Your Own Support Group

21 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

As a single mom or dad, day-to-day responsibilities can often feel overwhelming. Avoid burnout and get a fresh start with these tips.
Learn to Make "Me Time"
Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs
Are You Ready to Start Dating?

Be a Better Parent

Because as a single parent you have a unique relationship with your child, you may also be vulnerable to one of the most common parenting mistakes.
Tips for Newly Single Parents
5 Ways to Help Your Kids Manage the Effects of Divorce

10 Backup Child Care Solutions

It's inevitable that your child will get sick and you won't be able to take off work. Always have a plan.
What to do When You're Sick
How to Interview a Potential Babysitter
6 Sample Joint Custody Schedules

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